Hydraulic Cylinders

Bespoke hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder manufacturers

No matter what kind of assistance you need with regard to your equipment, you can rely on the professional help of the specialists at DR Hydraulics & Engineering.

Our service and repair organisation ensures a fast turnaround to minimise downtime. 
We are manufacturers of an extensive range of off-the-shelf hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders, an expanded portfolio as a result of designing with our customers.

Alternatively, we manufacture to order non-standard hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders when the standard cylinder cannot be bettered. 
For cylinders of all types and sizes, we can customise, including in volume or as a unique one-off job.

Bespoke cylinder parts for every job

At DR Hydraulics & Engineering, we quickly and efficiently manufacture bespoke parts to meet your specifications and required turnaround time.

Why not ask us about our bespoke service, including a service agreement to suit, bringing your ideas and specifications?

Our services are widely used nationwide
hydraulic cylinder

For an expanded range of off-the-shelf pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and expertise in custom-made alternatives, call the cylinder manufacturers on
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