Engineering Services

Engineering services

Although our core area of expertise is everything related to hydraulic cylinders, the rising demand for engineering services during our 20 years in the trade has lead to us expanding our range of services nationwide. 
Today, DR Hydraulics & Engineering is also able to provide its customers with the following engineering services:
  • Fabrication work/milling and turning up to 6m long 500mm diameter
  • Purpose built onsite hydraulic and pneumatic ram test rig operating up to 5000 PSI
  • In-house CNC machining up to 3 metres
  • Welding and fabricating facilities up to 2 tonnes for mig, tig and arc (stick) welding to a standard
  • Electroplating of piston rods, pump shafts, printing roll repairs, anti-corrosion finish and erosion protection
  • Re-chroming of all sizes of piston rods and barrels with a high-quality finish plus marine spec and nickel based corrosion resistant plating
  • Prompt collection and delivery service for consignments of up to 2.5 tonnes

Key features that can further make the difference

At DR Hydraulics & Engineering, we offer 24-hour engineering service and the manufacture of in-house replacement parts when necessary. 
Our CAD animation department can model technology to your specifications.

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For diverse engineering services including fabrication and milling, 
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